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Everybody deserves a second chance…

Recovering and Restoring Lives.

Everybody deserves a second chance…

Recovering and Restoring Lives.


Substance Abuse

NorthShore Substance Abuse Solutions


NorthShore Health Centers offers substance abuse solutions that combine medical treatment with counseling as the best approach to long-term success and recovery. Utilizing a variety of individual and group counseling efforts, this unique program previously developed by Frontline Foundations addresses both the physical and spiritual aspects of substance abuse. By working through a series of non-denominational faith-based principles, the program offers those struggling with substance abuse a way to process and understand their substance abuse in an effort to lead to healing and recovery.

NorthShore providers, along with Substance Abuse Counselors, can also offer Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), which is the use of medications along with counseling to provide a “whole-patient” approach to the treatment of those struggling with substance abuse.

In fact, our proven model has a 30% higher completion rate than the national average, with more than 90% of patients reporting that the program benefitted them.

Our successful approach includes a combination of the following services:

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