Mission Statement

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To provide the most comprehensive and quality healthcare, without exclusion, to everyone, every time.

Our Vision

We envision an organization that provides the best quality, comprehensive healthcare under one roof, keeping collaboration and innovation at the forefront to ensure that patients receive care that is tailor made for the individual.

  • A place a patient thinks of as their first choice when they need healthcare.
  • A place where a patient can always get an appointment.
  • A place that will give the patient the best experience and be easy to use.
  • A place that cares for their patients with empathy and compassion.
  • A place where patients are empowered to enhance their overall lives.

Our Core Values

  • Accessibility – We will be available for the community when they need us, striving to eliminate barriers to care.
  • Collaboration – We will work together to improve the health of our community.
  • Empowerment – We will empower staff and patients to reach their full potentials.
  • Innovation – We will embrace change and create solutions to improve health care access and outcomes.
  • Excellence – We will commit ourselves to continuous improvement and striving to be the best.
  • Compassion – We will exhibit behaviors and actions that reflect our understanding of another person’s circumstances and a willingness to create a positive relationship with the person.

Strategic Plan

  • In 2022, NorthShore launched their 5-year strategic plan concentrating on the following six strategic pillars:
    • Culture of Excellence
    • Leadership & Transformation
    • Strategic Growth
    • Securing the Future
    • Collaboration, Partnerships & Outreach
    • Health Equity & Patient Advocacy

Click here to access NorthShore’s complete 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.