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Minor Procedures

Minor Procedures at NorthShore

While major procedures must be done through a hospital, there are some minor procedures that can be done in Urgent Care. Stitches, x-rays, and urinalysis are some examples of minor procedures that can be done at NorthShore’s Urgent Care.



Stitches might be necessary for deeper cuts to the skin. The provider can clean the wound and then stitch together the skin if they feel it is necessary. If the provider does not believe stitches are necessary, they can still clean the cut and provide bandaging.


X-rays can be helpful in detecting broken bones in the body. This might be necessary if you have suffered an injury at home and feel that you might have broken a bone, as it allows the provider to view the bone beneath the skin.


A urinalysis might be performed if there is a suspected urinary tract infection, strep or other throat infections. Your provider can collect a urine sample and test them immediately to provide you with quick results.