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Sinus Issues

Chiropractic Care helps with Sinuses

Do you suffer from sinus issues that drag you down because you are constantly living with congestion? Nobody should have to live this way. Similar to headaches, sinusitis is a symptom and your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Sinusitis develops when our sinus passages become inflamed and filled with mucus. Due to the inflammation, the sinus passages are not able to drain which causes congestion and pain.

Our sinuses consist of eight cavities in the forehead, cheeks and temples. Under healthy conditions, the job of our sinuses is to use mucus to ensure that air traveling to the lungs has been cleaned of toxins. Mucus is normally a good thing. It’s sticky and meant to trap the bad stuff. Mucus only leads to sinusitis when there’s too much of it.


Let us help you Avoid Sinus Congestion

What causes increased mucus and inflammation of the sinuses? It begins with stress. Stress causes vertebral subluxations. A subluxation is a condition in which a spinal segment or vertebrae is out of alignment. Nerves branch off of the spinal cord through tiny holes in the vertebrae. The misaligned vertebrae cause the nerves not to longer work properly. Since the nervous system controls the sinuses, when the nervous system is weakened, the sinus function is weakened as well. The result is sinus congestion.

Stress comes in three types: chemical, like trans fats; physical, like poor posture; emotional, like depression. All three can cause subluxations. People often turn to medicine. Medicine may offer temporary relief, but it does not address the cause. Sinus problems will only return.