Matthew Monaco, DC, MS


Specialty: Chiropractic

After sustaining injuries while playing sports, Matt sought help from various doctors. It wasn’t until he began receiving care from a sports chiropractor that he began recovering and eventually returning to the field of play. It was at this point that he realized a potential career in chiropractic medicine. His initial goal was to provide the same sort of care to other athletes that he received, in an attempt to help them recover from injuries that were keeping them off the field. His goal quickly shifted to providing care to all individuals who were battling physical injuries or ailments.

Matt is originally from Lemont, Illinois and completed his chiropractic degree in St. Louis at Logan University. He enjoys staying physically active by playing sports and lifting weights. Matt is also a huge Chicago sports fan and loves rooting for the Chicago Bears.

"One of the most rewarding parts of this career is seeing the demeanor and attitude of a patient change when they realize that they don’t have to live with their pain forever."



Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI

Medical Education

Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Logan University Chesterfield, MO