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Dentures, Partials & Flippers

Dentures, Partials & Flippers at NorthShore


NorthShore offers dentures for patients that are missing teeth, and/or whose teeth cannot be repaired. Dentures are removable replacements that are natural-looking and comfortable to wear.

Full dentures replace all teeth from the top and/or bottom arch.

Partial dentures replace only the teeth missing from the top and/or bottom arch, and may be a more cost-effective alternative to a bridge.



A flipper is a type of partial denture that typically only covers 1-3 teeth. Flippers are often used as a temporary option while waiting for the mouth to heal prior to placement of a more long-term prosthetic, such as an implant or bridge.

*Several steps are involved in the process of fabricating a complete or parial denture, and can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks from the initial impression to the final delivery. It is common for patients to return after delivery of their prostetic for minor adjustments to be made so that the denture fits as comfortably as possible.

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