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Eye Infections Management

Eye Infection Symptoms

There are many different infections that can occur in your eyes. Symptoms of having an eye infection include blurry vision, itchy eyes, watery eyes, swelling around the eyes, red or painful eyes, discharge from the eyes, dry eyes, and sensitivity to light.

Eye Infections Management

Some of the more common infections include pink eye (a highly contagious infection often spread among children at school), viral eye infections (such as ocular herpes), keratitis (an infection that those who wear contact lenses are at a higher risk of getting), trachoma (an infection uncommon in the US but is a leading cause of blindness in underdeveloped countries), and endophthalmitis (an infection that can occur from a penetrating eye injury or as a rare complication of surgery).

Infections can affect many areas of your eyes, and severe cases of infection can even pose a threat to your vision. Many infections clear up with treatment, and some even resolve on their own. Depending on the cause of the infection, your provider may prescribe you other medication. If you believe you might have an eye infection, schedule an appointment with your provider right away.

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