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Fillings & Extractions

Fillings & Extractions at NorthShore


NorthShore offers dental filling services as a way to treat dental decay (cavities) or damaged teeth. This is done by removing the damaged portion of your tooth and filling the area where the decayed or broken tooth was removed.

To perform a filling, the provider will use a local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth is located. They will then remove the part of the tooth that is damaged or decayed. Once the damaged part of the tooth has been removed, they will then prepare the area to be filled by cleaning out any remaining bacteria. The dentist or trained dental assistant will then fill the area using a “tooth colored” material called composite, and harden the filling material with a special blue light. Adjustments may need to be made after placing the filling material to assure a comfortable fit when biting.

Tooth filling steps


NorthShore also offers dental extraction services. To complete an extraction, the provider will take an X-ray(s) of your tooth/teeth to determine the best way to extract the tooth. Once it is time for the extraction, the provider will numb the area. It is common to feel pressure during the extraction, but if you feel pain, inform the provider right away.

The exact type of extraction will depend on how the tooth is damaged. An extraction may be surgical or non-surgical. It is not always apparent from the X-ray(s) and examination alone whether an extraction will be surgical or not. After the extraction, you will be given gauze to bite down on to help stop bleeding. It is common to have some bleeding after the extraction.

Occasionally, a problem known as dry socket may occur after an extraction. If you experience pain in the extraction site up to 3-4 days after the tooth has been removed, come back in to see the dentist. You may be experiencing a dry socket due to the blood clot becoming dislodged from the extraction site.

*Be sure to follow all post-operative instructions given by the dentist or dental professional to help prevent dry socket.

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