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Group Counseling

NorthShore Support Group Therapy & Treatment

According to the Mayo Clinic, support groups bring together people who are dealing with similar life situations and open the door for them to share personal experiences, coping tactics, and firsthand knowledge about their illness and/or treatments. Group members sharing common experiences often relate since they probably have similar feelings, fears, day-to-day struggles, and maybe even thoughts on treatment plans or side effects. Being part of a group gives patients a chance to connect with and also support others who are likely to understand each other and are working towards a common purpose or goal.

NorthShore’s peer group sessions are led by a certified substance abuse counselor and, based on patients’ interests, include aspects of art, music, or cooking as a creative outlet to help with the recovery process.

Benefits of group support include:

  • Less likely to feel alone or judged
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves coping skills
  • Open forum to talk about feelings with those most likely to understand
  • Motivation to stay on course with treatment
  • Creates a sense of empowerment/hope
  • Improves knowledge of the disease
  • Allows for firsthand feedback about treatment plans/options
  • Helps with information on resources
Group Counseling