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Clean Cooking

Nutrition-Supported Recovery

In recovery it is very easy to just focus on the mental aspects of staying clean, but often we do not understand or focus on the physical side of recovery such as our nutrition.

According to MedlinePlus, nutrition plays a huge role in the recovery process. Nutrition affects our mental health, energy, and can impact cravings. While we are working on the mental aspects of recovery we can get tired, unfocused, and lack joy in the process, which in turn can lead to a relapse. A key component in helping manage our recovery can be learning to eat healthy.

Our Clean Cooking program is designed to teach our patients how to eat healthy. We include meal budgeting, recipes, and cooking together. Additionally, we help teach you about the nutritional food groups and what they do for the body. Throughout the program, you will get hands-on experience and insight on what the food you are consuming is doing in your body. This program also helps you to understand the impact unhealthy eating and quick snacks could have on your recovery.