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Centering Parenting

Centering Parenting at NorthShore

How it works

Imagine that your baby’s healthcare visits were in a comfortable setting and that you had time to ask all of your questions, learn more about your baby’s health and development, and share with other parents who are experiencing similar things at the same time. Centering Parenting takes place in a group with 6-8 parent/baby pairs. Parents and babies meet in a group for 9 sessions starting with the baby’s one month well child checkup and ending with a birthday party when the babies turn one year. Centering Parenting is your baby’s well child visit, parent checkup, and parenting education all in one appointment!

Group Activities

  • Weigh and measure their babies
  • Take their baby’s vitals
  • Meet one on one with their baby’s pediatrician
  • Spend time discussing parenting concerns in a group


  1. More time with your pediatrician.
  2. No wait time. Group starts on time.
  3. Time to talk with other parents and share common concerns.
  4. Support & friendship plus play time activities with your baby.
  5. Fun checkups plus food to snack on.