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Minor Cuts & Bruising

When to Seek Care for Minor Cuts or Bruising

If you experience minor cuts or bruising, you may require medical attention.

You may need to visit urgent care if:

  • Your cut does not stop bleeding after applying pressure for five minutes
  • It is wide open
  • It is spurting blood
  • The cut is located on your face or neck
  • There is any material trapped in the cut

Bruising can occur on your bones and on soft tissue. If you bruise a bone, you may not have any symptoms visual to the naked-eye. Symptoms of a bone being bruised are stiffness, trouble bending the area, swelling or tenderness of the area, or continual pain that is not progressively getting better.

If you bruise soft tissue which includes bruising of the skin, muscle, or both, these bruises can have similar symptoms as if you bruised a bone.

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