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The benefits of good nutrition are not only important, but also life-long.  

The advantages of good nutrition, starting as a child are important to support brain development and healthy growth as well as helping with immunity boosting and keeping skin, teeth, and eyes healthy. 

According to the CDC, as an adult good nutrition can help you live longer, lower your risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Other benefits include those to the digestive system function, enhanced immunity, and supporting muscles and strengthening bones.  

Good nutrition encompasses portion control as well as making good choices about what you eat.  According to the USDA:  

  • 75% of people have dietary patterns low in vegetables, fruits, and dairy 
  • 63% exceed the limit for added sugars 
  • 77% exceed the limit for saturated fat.  

The Dietary Guidelines suggest servings of vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, and protein every day. Proper nutrition can serve you in any stage of life; and it is never too late to start to develop a healthy dietary pattern. For a personalized plan including your generalized nutrition needs, check MyPlate 

Being educated is one of the best ways to take control of your health. Here at NorthShore, we believe in being a partner with you on your way to becoming healthy. We regularly host classes that will help with your nutritional and well-being needs. Find a full list on our calendar 

Another step towards good nutrition is ensuring you stay hydrated. Rethink Your Drink. If you grab a drink other than water, ensure you’re searching the label for added sugars. Sports drinks, on average, have 5 teaspoons of sugar while a regular orange soda can have 13 teaspoons. Simply rethinking what you use to stay hydrated can make a big difference in your diet!  

We know finding time to shop, prep, and cook can be difficult. As a society, we eat in a variety of places: home, work, on-the-go. Planning ahead to ensure you have healthy options available is important.  Being thoughtful about what you eat, ahead of time, can help you make better choices!  

Small choices like making sure you have healthy snacks at the office, at home, or even in your car can add up to better nutrition overall.  

If you have questions about your nutritional needs, work with your provider at your next appointment (you can even schedule online). We want to build a healthy community, one patient at a time – and that starts with you!