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What is Telepsychiatry?
Telepsychiatry is a private and secure video meeting system. Similar to how Facetime or Skype works, patients will be able to interact with their psychiatrist through a computer. NorthShore will provide Telepsychiatry services at all of our locations, so patients can see see their psychiatrist from the same locations they already see their other providers. A referral from a NorthShore provider is required to participate in the Telepsychiatry Program.

Why is NorthShore adding Telepsychiatry?
We understand it can be difficult to find a local psychiatrist with available appointments. By bringing telepsychiatry to our health center, we can improve our current services and reach more patients. Telepsychiatry is endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association and is in operation in thousands of clinics and medical settings around the country allowing more patients to have direct access to their psychiatrists.

What are the benefits?
Telepsychiatry improves patients’ access to a psychiatrist and will reduce travel time and costs. It also means that patients will not have to be away from work for long periods of time.

Will there be an additional cost for this new service?
At this time, the charge is no different than an in-person visit. Many insurers, including Medicaid, are covering most Telepsychiatry consultations.