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Men’s health is a family issue, not a men’s issue. Your health affects not only you, but everyone around you as well.

We are asking men to take June as a reminder to prioritize their own health, as a gift to themselves and for those who care about them.

According to Men’s Health Network, men make only 50% the number of preventative visits to the doctor than women do. Here at NorthShore, we can help you find a doctor, a team that cares about helping you get healthy, and provide you the tools you need to stay healthy. Statistically, men are more likely to be uninsured than women. We can help there, as well. We have navigators on site to help you through applying for state insurances or navigating the Affordable HealthCare MarketPlace. Don’t let not having insurance stop you from getting the healthcare you need AND deserve. We have a sliding scale for cash-paying patients, as well.

We know that 1 in every 2 men will develop cancer at some point in their lives, so we want to ensure you have all the resources necessary to keep you healthy, happy, and here for as long as possible.

On June 18th, we’ll be wearing blue to remind you that we care about you and your health. Wear Blue was created by Men’s Health Network to raise awareness. You can learn more about them, their mission, and how you can help make sure men don’t “live sicker and die younger” anymore, here.

If you don’t have a healthcare provider: learn about our family practice, check out our team of providers, and even schedule an appointment right from our homepage.

Pro tip: research shows that men live for five years less than women on average. We can help change that statistic, too. Schedule an appointment today and let’s change these scores!