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You may have heard the saying that the eyes are windows to the soul. But did you know your eyes are also a window into your overall health? Comprehensive eye exams go well beyond the goal of 20/20 vision.  

Getting regular eye exams is an important part of your preventative health care. Your eyes are windows to blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues throughout your body. Problems spotted in the eye can often be the first signs of health issues elsewhere. 

Your eye doctor can learn a lot about you and your health when looking into your eyes. Your eyes are not isolated organs but are interconnected with the rest of your body systems. Getting a comprehensive eye exam is the only way to visualize the blood vessels behind the eye for issues without an x-ray, CT scan or invasive surgery. 

During an eye exam, eye doctors can detect signs of various systemic health conditions, including: 

  • Diabetes 
  • High Blood Pressure  
  • High Cholesterol 
  • Macular Degeneration 
  • Autoimmune Diseases 

Eye exams can help in early detection, leading to earlier treatment and better management of these conditions through referrals for specialized care. 

According to the American Optometric Association, adults should have eye exams done at least once every two years. Those who are at risk for certain eye conditions or have risk factors should have them done even more often than that.  

Take care of your vision AND your overall health. Schedule your comprehensive eye exam online at a NorthShore location today!