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Juneteenth is celebrated as the ending of slavery in the US and has just recently been declared a national holiday. Here are some interesting facts about the holiday.

Did you know?
  • When the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted, it did not automatically mean all people were free. Those who lived in states still under Confederate control were not affected by the proclamation.
  • Juneteenth has also been celebrated as “Freedom Day,” “Second Independence Day,” and “Emancipation Day.” These are only a few of the names that it has been celebrated under.
  • Emancipation Park in Houston Texas was purchased specifically to celebrate Juneteenth. Four former slaves purchased the park in 1872 for $800.
  • The Poor People’s March planned by Martin Luther King Jr. was purposely scheduled to coincide with Juneteenth.
  • The period after Juneteenth is called “The Scatter.” In the following weeks after the proclamation, former slaves left in great numbers to find their family members and start their lives.

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