Optometry Locations Now Open!

Optometry Locations Now Open!


We are proud to announce that both of our vision centers are open and ready to serve the community! With the recent addition of our Portage location, located at 6050 Sterling Creek Road, we were able to extend our vision services to the Porter County residents. This has been a long-term goal for our organization, as we look for ways to provide needed services to our patients across Lake, Porter, and LaPorte counties.

With Dr. Audrey Dawson at our Sterling Creek location and Dr. Samuel Lemon, our Optometry Director, at the Lake Station site – our teams are ready to help the community see and live better.

As Dr. Dawson points out, “a lot of people take their vision for granted.” Luckily for her patients, Dawson is passionate about providing individualized care for her patients and explaining how healthy vision and proper eye care can make everyday life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Dr. Dawson is available to provide comprehensive optometric care in both English and Spanish for patients 2 years and older, which is another benefit she brings to the NorthShore team and those that we serve in our area.

Dr. Lemon also reiterated that most people don’t think about going to the eye doctor until they have a problem. “They go to the dentist every six months as part of their preventive care routine, but they forget about their eyes.” Lemon says that children ages 4 and up should see the optometrist annually. From the ages of 18-40, patients without any other health issues should see their optometrist at least every other year. As Dr. Lemon reminded us, however, diabetic patients of any age and all those over the age of 40 should be seeing the eye doctor once a year to ensure they and their eyes are healthy.

The unique part of seeing one of the trained and board-certified optometrists at NorthShore is their belief and ability to treat the entire patient. Your eye care is part of keeping the whole body healthy, which all NorthShore locations and the optometry departments are taking very seriously during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this time, for the safety and well-being of the patients and staff alike, patients are able to check in from their phones and wait in their vehicles, eliminating having to wait in a crowded lobby. To keep everyone safe and the area sanitized properly, the vision departments ask that only the patients come back for the appointment unless an accompanying adult is necessary. The staff has built-in extra scheduling time for cleaning between patients, and all eyeglasses are sanitized after being tried on out of an abundance of caution for the next patient.

Our optometry staff is excited to be open and can’t wait to “see” you. Call and schedule an appointment today at (219) 763-8112.


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