2020 Living the Mission Recap

2020 Living the Mission Recap


Check out our 2020 Living the Mission nominations, and don’t forget to nominate your coworkers that you believe are Living the Mission!

Mike Plebanski and Brian Dortmund

“When I approached both Brian and Mike and asked them for some help to showcase the music and art recovery groups in our Frontline Program, I did not expect them to both go above and beyond to the level they did. They have provided pictures, quotes, and amazing testimonials that definitely speak to our mission and what we do here.”

Krista French

“A community member ended up on the 3rd floor discussing how her medication was too expensive and could we help. We figured out the patient wasn’t a patient at all and I called Krista to ask her if she could help us figure out the best way to assist the patient. She had me bring the patient down immediately and assured her she would help her in any way possible, before I left. When the community member left, Krista called to follow up and explained she had arranged for the woman to become a patient, and had secured her medication at a cost of 40-50 for a 3 month supply. Before the patient saw us she was paying $720 for the same 90 day supply.”

DeLois Jones

“I was busy taking a patient’s eyeglass measurements and fitting her with glasses and had a couple of people waiting to pick-up their orders, so DeLois jumped right in and found out who was waiting and efficiently dispensed the glasses to the patients that had been waiting. It allowed me to take my time and accurately input my patient’s eyeglass order and it was as if we didn’t skip a beat. So thank you DeLois for always lending a helping hand when needed!”

Toni Modglin

“A young parent needed assistance getting her sick child to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. She was alone and so afraid. Her husband was actually in the hospital himself and unable to provide a way to help his family at that time. Toni was amazing! She kept the mom as calm as she possibly could. She spoke to dad on the phone and explained every detail of why the child needed to complete the hospital visit, as well as how NSHC would do everything possible to assist any way we can. Ultimately, the child was taken to the hospital in Indy, the same day, and transportation was provided. She was amazing at providing support and resources to the parent.”

Alexis Riley 

“This employee has helped one particular patient with numerous things over their time here. The patient calls her almost daily for his care. She has helped him complete paperwork to get all his medications covered. She has helped him get appointments to see not only the providers here at NorthShore and with Specialty offices. The patient doesn’t have the means to pay for his medical care so she has worked with him to find resources that help get his care covered. She also is able to supply him with meal supplements to help him manage his chronic conditions.”

Dr. Thimothy 

“Dr. Thimothy has a patient that always loves talking about cooking, and all the new recipes he has tried to make. On one visit he mentioned to Dr. Thimothy that he really wanted to try a certain dish that required rice and chili peppers, but he didn’t have the money. Today when the patient was back to see her for his next appointment, doc quietly slipped out to her car and returned with a small bag of chili peppers, and a 20lb bag of rice that she had purchased just for him. She said “when he told me he didn’t have money to buy rice, it broke my heart.” Besides being a wonderful dentist, the size of her heart makes me so proud to work with her on a daily basis”

Vanessa Ramos

“Vanessa treats all patients fairly and is always kind to them. We work well together and if there’s a time she sees me struggling she will jump in. There was one instance where a patient was not understanding the way I was explaining something and Vanessa stepped in to help explain it better.”

Megan Walker

“Megan Walker goes above and beyond for her patients frequently by showing them kindness and ensuring they get the best care possible. There have been multiple times that Megan will have a very busy schedule and still be able to squeeze patients in or answer their questions.”

Emily Smith 

“One time a patient was looking for a particular stuff animal upon there OB Ultrasound appointment and we did not have it in the portage location at that time. She called every site looking for that stuffed animal for the patient.”

Jiovante Hemphill

“Jiovante has gone above and beyond to keep me updated on the confirmation postcard. She has taken pictures of the location for me including all NorthShore signage to prove La Porte is now NorthShore. She even went as far as looking up the Google Customer service number after many failed attempts of receiving the postcard. She has proven to be an employee I can count on and I believe was an exceptional choice as the patient services representative for La Porte.”


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