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A message to our patients about COVID-19 Coronavirus

| Published March 16, 2020

What You Should Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NorthShore Health Center is taking the COVID-19 Pandemic very seriously. During these challenging times, we assure you that we are staying true to our mission and will continue to care for our community. There may be some visible changes as we have made adjustments to our registration procedures. Please be patient as we are working very hard to keep all patients, employees and visitors safe.

What NorthShore Health Centers is Doing

  • NorthShore Health Center is diligently monitoring all updates and recommendations for protocols provided by the CDC and local public health officials.
  • Leadership and Management is meeting frequently to stay on top of our patients’ care and employee health.
  • Informing and Training our employees so they can best serve all patients.
  • We are asking all patients that call our health center to make appointments if they have questions about their current state of health.
  • NorthShore Health Center’s facilities staff has escalated the range and frequency of sanitation at all of our clinics.
  • We are suspending all public large group events.
  • Adjusting registration procedures for all patients and visitors so we can protect everyone’s health.
  • Expanding the delivery methods in which we can provide health care such as telehealth visits if appropriate.
  • NorthShore is offering COVID-19 screenings and antibody testing. Antibody testing may provide insight to your previous exposure or possible immunity to the novel COVID-19. 

What You Can Do If You Have Symptoms

  • If you are sick and would like to see a provider, please call 219-763-8112 to make an appointment. PLEASE CALL BEFORE coming into the clinic if you are sick.
  • Answer all questions the staff asks, this is for your safety and for the safety of everyone in the clinic.

Resources from the CDC regarding Prevention, Risk Factors Symptoms, and Treatment Recommendations

Clinic Updates

Medical Services

If you plan on visiting one of our clinics, PLEASE CALL 219-962-9999 FIRST if you are experiencing a cough, fever, or shortness of breath OR have had direct contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Dental Services

Unfortunately due to current dental guidelines, NorthShore is suspending all non-emergency services for dental to prevent unnecessary spread of infectious disease until this current outbreak has passed. As soon as the guidance is updated to reopen we will let all of our patients know.

If you do have a dental concern that you feel needs immediate care, please call us at 219-763-8112 and our dentists and will evaluate you for emergency treatment.


For additional questions, please visit our FAQ page