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Staying true to our mission, NorthShore Health Centers now offers telehealth appointments for our patients and community. We are continuing to provide affordable, quality healthcare through video or phone calls for appointments with our providers for non-emergency primary care, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment.

What is a telehealth appointment?
A telehealth appointment allows you to discuss your medical concerns with your medical provider over the phone or video conference without visiting the clinic in person.

What visits can be done through a telehealth appointment?
A telehealth visit can be used to evaluate most mild to moderate illnesses, concerns about infection with COVID-19 and to order COVID-19 antibody testing. A telehealth visit is also often appropriate to manage ongoing health conditions like asthma, diabetes, and depression. Currently all of our psychiatry, behavioral health and substance abuse counseling appointments are being done via telehealth.

Call (219)763-8112 to find out if you qualify for a telehealth appointment.

How do I schedule a telehealth appointment?
Scheduling a telehealth appointment is the same as scheduling a regular in-clinic appointment. Call us at (219)763-8112 and let the scheduling staff know that you would like to make a telehealth appointment or click here to schedule an appointment online.

Do I need to call at my scheduled appointment time or will my provider call me?
Your provider will call you at your scheduled appointment time. When scheduling your appointment, be sure to give the scheduling staff the best phone number for your provider to call.  Please make sure you are waiting by your phone up to 30 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment since your provider may be ready earlier or later due to unexpected complications with other patient visits.

To schedule your telehealth appointment:

Contact us (219)763-8112